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Craig Woods wins both Saturday ARC Races – Barbagello – Photo: Darin Mandy

THE OPENING pair of races in round three of the Aussie Racing Cars Championship Series could not have gone better for Craig Woods with wins in both.

“We were lucky this afternoon,” revealed Woods. “Going to the dummy grid the engine had a misfire and the team changed the carbies with just seconds to spare before the start.

“The car was a jet, the best it has been all weekend so far. The only disappointment was not getting the lap record,” he added, missing the benchmark by one hundredth of a second.

Halfway through the round, the Mustang driver leads ahead of the Camaros driven by James Duckworth, Jaie Robson and Kel Treseder with the Mustangs of Blake Sciberras and Travis Sharp currently fifth and sixth.

Treseder make a cracking start to race one, coming off the second row and slipping past both Woods and pole sitter Duckworth. Robson also had a good lift-off, going from sixth to fourth ahead of Reece Chapman (Camaro), Craig Thompson (Mustang), Sciberras and Chris Stevenson (Mustang).

In the background, there was contact between Michael Rinkin (Camaro) and Jeff Watters (Altima), resulting in the former pirouetting at turn 1.

Woods looked for a way past Treseder, briefly seeing the front running spot on lap two before securing the position on the following circuit.

Woods consolidated the spot in the ensuing laps, until Kent Quinn had a rollover at turn 6 on lap eight in his Mustang. From there to the finish, the race was under the control of the safety car.

Behind the winner, Treseder maintained second ahead of Duckworth. Sciberras worked his way up the order to take fourth ahead of Robson, Sharpe and Stevenson.

“Woods had the car speed that is for sure,” Treseder admitted. “But it was really good to be able to dice at the front of the field with the guy who has been the pace setter.”

At the start of race two, it was Treseder who won out and led Woods, Robson, Duckworth, Sciberras, Sharpe and Chapman the first time around.

Towards the end of the second circuit, Woods slipped past Treseder into the lead which he extended to 4.4 seconds (mammoth in Aussie Racing Car terms) by race’s end.

“That was probably because there was a group fighting for second position,” Woods said.

Robson relegated Treseder on lap four but was soon under pressure from Duckworth who eventually slipped by on lap ten and held onto to second for the remainder.

Sciberras passed Treseder for fourth in the latter stages while Sharpe won his dice with Chapman. Stevenson was next ahead of Alex Barboutis (Altima) and Charlotte Poynting (Camaro).

Craig Thompson (Mustang) finished 11th for the second time this weekend, this time ahead of Brendon Tucker (Camaro) and Grant Thompson (Mustang) who recovered from an early off at turn 7 that dropped him to 19th.

Race One (11 laps)
1 Craig Woods (Mustang) 14:57.1852
2 Kel Treseder (Camaro) 14:58.1720
3 James Duckworth (Camaro) 14:58.8945
4 Jaie Robson (Camaro) 14:59.4697
5 Blake Sciberras (Mustang) 15:00.1140
6 Reece Chapman (Camaro) 15:00.6297
7 Travis Sharpe (Mustang) 15:01.4818
8 Chris Stevenson (Camaro) 15:02.2650
9 Alex Barboutis (Altima) 15:03.2982
10 Brendon Tucker (Camaro) 15:03.8997
11 Craig Thompson (Mustang) 15:04.9267
12 Charlotte Poynting (Camaro) 15:05.6971
13 Grant Thompson (Mustang) 15:06.3935
14 Ian Chivas (Altima) 15:07.4615
15 Jeff Watters (Altima) 15:08.5572
16 Sam Chester (Commodore) 15:09.7803
17 Leigh Bowler (Camaro) 15:10.9817
18 Michael Rinkin (Camaro) 15:11.9182
19 Bill Hynes (Altima) 15:13.2474
20 Ruth Bowler (Ford Coupe) 15:14.2228
21 Emma Clark (Altima) 15:15.3234
DNF Kent Quinn (Mustang) 7 laps
Fastest lap: Chapman 1:05.5939

Race Two (12 laps)
1 Craig Woods (Mustang) 13:12.2259
2 James Duckworth (Camaro) 13:16.6898
3 Jaie Robson (Camaro) 13:16.9414
4 Blake Sciberras (Mustang) 13:17.5442
5 Kel Treseder (Camaro) 13:21.3729
6 Travis Sharpe (Mustang) 13:22.6140
7 Reece Chapman (Camaro) 13:22.9985
8 Chris Stevenson (Camaro) 13:26.0119
9 Alex Barboutis (Altima) 13:34.3607
10 Charlotte Poynting (Camaro) 13:38.5426
11 Craig Thompson (Mustang) 13:39.2555
12 Brendon Tucker (Camaro) 13:39.4337
13 Grant Thompson (Mustang) 13:53.4827
14 Leigh Bowler (Camaro) 13:55.2748
15 Michael Rinkin (Camaro) 13:56.2753 10 1:08.3009
16 Sam Chester (Commodore) 13:57.1320
17 Emma Clark (Altima) 14:11.2662
18 Bill Hynes (Altima) 14:14.6605
19 Kent Quinn (Mustang) 14:20.9103
20 Ian Chivas (Altima 11 13:12.7085
21 Ruth Bowler (Ford Coupe) 11 laps
DNF Jeff Watters (Altima) 10 laps
Fastest lap: Woods 1:05.3956

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